We're working artists, accomplished in imagery, wood, carbon fiber and blown glass. We also run a rescue shelter for abandoned, orphaned and abused kitties who have come to us asking for help; providing them with a home, rehabilitation, needed medical attention ... and love. It's been rewarding and sometimes heartbreaking, but well worth every second and every penny. All of that is in danger...

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Where On Earth Did All Our Stuff GO!?

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The past couple of years have been fairly busy around the Holiday Season as we thankfully try to keep up. Many of our creations are shipped to clients across the oceans. Prospective customers also ask if we ship to their country. The thought occurred to me one day that it would be good to have a visual representation of where our creations have journeyed across the planet over these many years. Here's how we did it.

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The Blown Glass Space Collection

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Give Me Some Space! Many of our friends, colleagues and visitors to our blogs and websites are Space Buffs. Either they work in the space industry as scientists, astronomers, astrophysicists, teachers, space artists, or are just plain crazy about space. We are, too, and we work the space theme into a LOT of our creations. We have developed many different artworks in glass of various types

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2014 HUGO Award Revealed

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Our first HUGO Award can now be revealed. The committee places an embargo on the design, only to be released to public view during the Science Fiction WorldCon where they will be presented. Up to that point, we have to provide a secure login area on our web server, so that the committee and we may work together during the refinement and production phases.

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Our Police Box Fridge – Refrigerate! Refrigerate!

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All work and no play dulls the mind. For Halloween, Joy thought that it would be a great idea to dress up our refrigerator as a parody on a Police Public Call Box. It's a French Door, bottom roll-out freezer style, so the double door design of a Police Box fits right in. How to make it happen?

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LinkLinkWoodworking and Glassblowing — A Great Combination »

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Baptismal Font and Basin

Joy's recent post about: The creation of a Solid Fruitwood and Hardwood Baptismal Font to accompany one of our Cast Glass Baptismal Basins.


A Brush With Greatness – Stephen Hawking and Me?

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Sometimes, surprises can be a very good thing. Many times they're not but this one is very welcome and special, indeed. Late Friday afternoon a message arrived from Donna Stevens, our good friend at the Planetary Society, informing us of their surprise.

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