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Give Me Some Space! Many of our friends, colleagues and visitors to our blogs and websites are Space Buffs. Either they work in the space industry as scientists, astronomers, astrophysicists, teachers, space artists, or are just plain crazy about space. We are, too, and we work the space theme into a LOT of our creations. We have developed many different artworks in glass of various types and, as such, they are spread all through our websites. This requires persons seeking a unique gift that is space-related to become detectives and uncover many locations; perhaps missing just the special treasure that they have been searching for.

Organization (what's that?) to the rescue!
solar-system480We've gathered all of our Blown Glass Space items: Planet Ornaments, Planet Bottle & Wine Stoppers, Planet Lighting, Astronomical Jewelry, Steampunk Rockets and spacey Greeting Cards into one rich location for easy browsing and ordering; as gifts for someone you know who will really appreciate your creativity or as a gift for yourself. Why not? You've been good... haven't you?

Tell Your Friends Far and Wide:
"Give Me Some Space!" Check it out and be sure to hit the Like and Google+ buttons there to spread the word. There's also a Share button, so you can easily send a hint to friends or family who just don't know what to get for you. Share this post, too, if you can. We'll surely appreciate it.

Be sure also to hit the "Holiday" menu at the top to see all of the other holiday creations that we have available. There's everything from traditional ornaments and candle holders to jewelry. Your support will make a real difference in our studio.

Thanks and Happy Holidays! Here's the link to The Space Collection

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