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…and the Deer is Gone.. almost

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Should've tried again to get some night photography of the Mountain Lions last night. Went out this morning after the Sun was sufficiently high in the sky to check on the progress. Joy carried her Sig-Sauer 239, just in case a startling deterrent might be handy to have in hand. The spot to where the deer was moved two nights ago, between the rock wall and perimeter fence, was vacant! Huh? Where'd they take it? Looking around for a few minutes, I spied it; still inside the rock wall but now on the other side of the big pine

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Went to check the deer today and it was dragged into the rock-walled area under the big pine and next to the perimeter fence. That's why I couldn't readily identify it last night when I went out and peered down from the glass studio to see if anyone was around. More of it has been eaten or carried off, so it is now evident that we're not going to call Fish and Game right away. This is a natural occurrence in the wilderness. We may be in a partially settled area but not really as far as the wildlife

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Today was not really a good day for critters on the mountain. Moe came home with a Black-Headed Grosbeak. We keep telling her "gophers, not birds" but I guess they're not as much fun and certainly less visible.

This evening, Joy was calling for Larry, our big, beautiful Maine Coon boy, to come in for the night. He and his tiny sister, Moe, tend to wander, so they have radio transmitters and we have a directional receiver to track them. Otherwise, a lot of time and energy is lost trekking all over the mountain trying to locate them

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