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I’ve Got A Gold Record On The Wall!

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One never knows what awaits just around the corner. Or for how long it has waited. In 1990, I was contacted by Def Jam Records to do the cover of Public Enemy's upcoming release: Fear Of A Black Planet. This was pretty cool. It isn't the first cover I've done, by a long shot, but it is the first for a major recording publisher. A significant difference in some ways. Lots of similarities in others.

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Now that the awards ceremony is complete, we can reveal our newest blown glass award, The 2015 Chesley. Bestowed each year to leaders in the genré by the Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists, it is a fitting addition to our portfolio of unique and imaginative awards.

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2014 HUGO Award Revealed

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Our first HUGO Award can now be revealed. The committee places an embargo on the design, only to be released to public view during the Science Fiction WorldCon where they will be presented. Up to that point, we have to provide a secure login area on our web server, so that the committee and we may work together during the refinement and production phases.

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