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WordPress 3.3 hit release just a few days ago, so I dived into the code of the new Admin system to figure out what had changed.

As with all things open source, if you have a good idea that stands the tests of use and time, eventually it will find its way into core. As a result, my code is shrinking some with each new release of WordPress

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Fixed Admin Menus — The Plugin Enhanced

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With the release of WordPress 3.2, it's time for a plugin update. The Admin Screen layout and menus have changed a bit, many things for the better, and Ozh updated his plugin for v3.2 compatibility. My turn. Going in, my concern was how to make these new changes and not have WordPress 3.1.x users end up with screwed up menu bars. No way to know until I dived into

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Fixed Admin Menus — The Plugin Expanded

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Short time between initial plugin release and the first update but it had to be done... and quick. Downloads of the first Admin Menus Fixed version were chugging along nicely for a number of days, with no reports of bugs, etc. Then, while researching why Popular Posts was suddenly returning no results by deactivating recently updated plugins, one-by-one, to try to sort out if there were a

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Fixed Admin Menus — The Plugin

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The Story of the Admin Menus Fixed WordPress Plugin

It all started as a hack. I use a really cool plugin authored by Ozh—his Admin Drop Down Menu. It puts a thin horizontal bar across the top of the Admin screens with drop-down menus, so you can turn off the wide column of standard menus that runs down the left side and

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