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Talk about the tail wagging the dog... The complete Art Glass Wine Stopper Collection is now, well, completed. It's been a week since my last communication. Spent most of the waking hours photographing, processing, assembling rotation movies, cataloging, coding new pages, uploading it all and testing them. This portion of the project took more time and more effort than making the glass in the first place but it's all absolutely beautiful and I'm absolutely shot. I'm composing this at the end of the second all-nighter, so I'll be brief.

But first

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Rounding Out the Wine Stopper 1st Dozen

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Wrapping up the first Art Glass Wine Stopper set, are two geometrics and four spheres. The lower three are a series; all made from the same initial structure. There is a fourth in that series that is 50% larger. He hasn't been cold-worked yet but he's stunning!

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Wine Stopper Photography! At Last!!

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Exacting and tedious to set up to get good quality studio shots of art glass but well worth the effort when you finally get it all right. Up to that point, it's darn frustrating and seems to take forever. Gobos and reflector cards all over the place to direct light into the glass; all threatening to fall over at any given moment. Light glow appears on the seamless background—no idea where it came from and no amount of moving stuff around makes any difference. Turns out I had moved one of the Speedotron strobes closer to the set and

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