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An Artist in an Engineer’s Body

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Or is it the other way around? Every so often, I receive queries in my mailbox asking about various topics. Today, I was asked a question about the path that I took and how it affected my life's work:

"I am a freshman at Brigham Young University Idaho, and I've wanted to be an artist all my life. However I've never had any problems with math or science and love problem solving. My brother informed me that I might look into engineering rather than art. I really do like the idea however here is the problem
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It's always good when a project is finished; even better when it's a success, better yet when it's never been done before and the top when someone almost inevitably says: "You can't do that!"

The bonus prize is doing it under severe adversity and not caving. Kinda like beating yourself in the head with a ball peen hammer, 'cuz it feels so good when you

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