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WordPress 3.1 Admin Menus — Fixed!

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Admin Menus Fixed — THe HaCk

Not that they were necessarily broken... well, there is room for improvement, but I mean "fixed" in the sense of the word meaning not moving. I have long used a most excellent plugin designed to make WordPress Admin's lives easier by consolidating the backend Admin Menu that normally runs down a column on the left side of the

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Taming The WordPress Time Machine: WP-Cron

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While dealing with server slowdowns, I'm getting into a relatively little known function in WordPress: wp-cron and what it is doing behind the scenes. A cron is a subroutine that performs future tasks according to a schedule, so it's necessary to make sure it is running and running well. It's also good to lighten the load on your server to ensure the best experience for your visitors. There are

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