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Head In The Clouds

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Rain on the roof, fog on the mountain all around us. Condensed upon us last night and persisted all day. Visibility is 60 feet or less. Rains hard at times, mist and drizzle between. Cats come in soaked. Good thing I buttoned up the hot shop before hitting the sack. Fun, and usually gives a cozy feeling but in these times, it tends to feel more like being further cut off. Odd how it can change.

Back when the Big Sur Fire was raging and threatening to burn our studio to the ground, it felt really good the first time that it settled upon us. Kept the fire from advancing so quickly, due to the moisture content of the atmosphere. That fire burned for more than two months. When the clouds came, it wasn't over, by any means, but it sure was welcome and helped us to relax just a tiny bit.

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…and Another All-Nighter

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Managed to get into bed before the Sun came up this time; but not by much. Lot's to do when you're working two jobs, both of them overtime; Glassblower by day—Internet Technologies Wizard by night. At least for the time being—it'll be back to 3D Modeling once the social networking project has gone mainstream enough to turn my attention to other tasks.

Just finished a short blowing session. Well, it was 6 hours but we didn't get started until 15:30, after I took care of a few page edits and read the

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