…and Another All-Nighter

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Managed to get into bed before the Sun came up this time; but not by much. Lot's to do when you're working two jobs, both of them overtime; Glassblower by day—Internet Technologies Wizard by night. At least for the time being—it'll be back to 3D Modeling once the social networking project has gone mainstream enough to turn my attention to other tasks.

Just finished a short blowing session. Well, it was 6 hours but we didn't get started until 15:30, after I took care of a few page edits and read the mail/news. Made eight geometrical wine stoppers of various shapes. Apart from the flamboyant style that I usually do, these are more traditional. One is exclamation point shaped, another is more of a nose cone projectile, another is a hemisphere-topped cylinder. All are striking, in that the shape allows the colors and the shape of them within the crystal to come to the fore. It isn't the shape of the object so much as it is the shape of the color. We have an extension on the 73° temperatures until Thursday, so we can get more stock on the shelves. Then comes the cold-working: cutting, grinding and polishing the glass shapes; each into their final finished forms. I'll do some interim photography as the cold-working progresses to get things up on the site and you'll all be able to see what we have seen for the past week.

Gonna turn in "early" tonight, so I can let my body repair itself.

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    Yes, these later and later days are reeking havoc on my system. And when are we going to play MYST???

    January 17, 2009 at 3:52 pm
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