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We just added a new form of remembrance of your friend with fur to Crystal's Kitty Memorials.

They're called: FurEver FurBalls and are really wonderful.

It's a gorgeous hollow crystal sphere memorial, created especially for you in the colors of your kitty. Inside is the fur of your lost pet peering through the clear sections, so that even after they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, a part of them that only they could create can stay with you, sleeping peacefully on your desk or table, being a comfort to hold. This beautiful piece is approx. 3" wide, with a flat spot on the bottom. The colors of your kitty will be artistically matched and swirled, encapsulating a small amount of fur FurEver sealed within. It comes with a lighted base, imparting a soft internal glow.

I've saved tufts of fur from the large majority of my friends who have helped me through my later life. At various times of the year when these tufts are found on the floor or happen to be released as I brush them, I stash the tufts in a safe place; not knowing what I may do with them later.

Sometimes, I don't get the chance to obtain them in this way. During the process of laying them to rest, a sad time to be sure and not wanting to let go, I will snip off a bit of fur to keep. It is something that only they could make. It is precious to me beyond compare.

Now I know where they can be kept... FurEver.

There are ten who are under the apple tree back where I grew up outside of Rochester. They were my friends when I was little. Their fur I can no longer obtain. They live in my memory, still, but having a physical representation made by someone I hold dear to my heart helps in so many ways that they cannot be described.

I must stop typing now. I can no longer clearly see the screen.

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