Victory in Glass — How Sweet It Is

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Galaxy Platter

After six months of getting pummeled by failures in trying to cast glass sinks to fit an existing counter top that was forbidden by the client to be modified—even by a little, my partner in art got a nice reward. Along the path of these varied projects that we do, comes knowledge that you don't know how it will be used. One day, though, it all comes

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Google Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Tribute

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Now, this is cool. Today on the Google search page is a working Pac-Man game, sound and all. Has two players, too. Insert coin, player 2 shows up in Ms. Pac-Man. I understand there's 256 levels. Someone, probably many someones, invested a lot of hours coding this, so that it just plays in the browser without Flash. Productivity hit a serious speed bump—for this day at least.

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When Other Artists Like Your Stuff

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It's Great! There are few who could be more critical and discerning. Their observations mean a lot because, in one way or another, they've been there.

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An inspiration to many space artists over the years, and indeed for some the person who started them in their art careers by way of example, and also to the many men and women who make the exploration and education of the realm of space possible every day, has become one with the Cosmos.

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The Technology of Fire

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Observations on all that humans have been able to accomplish with one of the most basic technologies. Even a Cave Man can... well, you get the idea.

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An Artist in an Engineer’s Body

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Or is it the other way around? Every so often, I receive queries in my mailbox asking about various topics. Today, I was asked a question about the path that I took and how it affected my life's work:

"I am a freshman at Brigham Young University Idaho, and I've wanted to be an artist all my life. However I've never had any problems with math or science and love problem solving. My brother informed me that I might look into engineering rather than art. I really do like the idea however here is the problem
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Part III of the Making Of series. How we made the Sun and Planets in Blown Glass. Veerrrrrry carefully.

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