We Need Help – Please Back Our IndieGoGo To Move Our Studio & Rescue Shelter

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We're working artists, accomplished in imagery, wood, carbon fiber and blown glass. We also run a rescue shelter for abandoned, orphaned and abused kitties who have come to us asking for help; providing them with a home, rehabilitation, needed medical attention ... and love. It's been rewarding and sometimes heartbreaking, but well worth every second and every penny. All of that is in danger.

Due to a predatory loan from Bank of America / Bank of New York Mellon, and their sub-contractor henchmen Resurgent and then Shellpoint, the latter two who either are shills to circumvent the law governing bank practices or have bought the loan for pennies on the dollar after it had already been written off, after a long and stressful 5+ year fight resulting in what amounts to a predatory loan modification, we are all being forced out of our home and studios.

We really need your help.

We need to procure a place where all of this will fit once more, so that we can continue on. To do that, we need to raise at least $20,000 to help with moving costs and keeping the fires burning. Once the studio gets shut down, we will have no income until it is up and running and we're in production again, creating beautiful things and saving lives, as we're meant to do.

We are moving not only household goods but along with them, a business; a business that requires a lot of equipment and materials that must be handled with care. Some of the equipment is very heavy, yet delicate; as is the glass. Dismantling everything that we've built over the years; unwiring and extracting it, disassembling it, packing it, transporting it and setting it all up again is going to be an arduous task. ... Watching the first half of it happen will also be very painful. Once we're over that hump, things will look brighter.

We're not asking for a handout.
We're asking for a hand UP.

It isn't easy for us to ask. Sometimes, a person just can't do it alone. ... But there's strength in numbers. We have launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise necessary funds to help us get a new home and studio. In return for your support, we're offering our work and some exclusive perks created for our campaign. Please check them out and discover something you'll love to own. If you don't see something you like but have something in mind, do get in touch. We'll make it happen.

Please read our story to learn more and don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any. Be sure to check out our websites to see the many inspiring things that we create... read our biographies to learn who we are... see our client list terrain-labels-globe and spin its companion globe... visit BengalMania.org to read and view the videos of the home that we have made for our rescues and see the rich lives that they have with us.

Be a part of our team. Share our campaign with your friends. Receive some great art and know that we, our rescues and rescues still to come will be forever grateful and thankful for your kindness.

From all of our family, a fervent Thank You!

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