Google Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Tribute

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   Posted by: BJ Johnson in internet

Now, this is cool. Today on the Google search page is a working Pac-Man game, sound and all. Has two players, too. Insert coin, player 2 shows up in Ms. Pac-Man. I understand there's 256 levels. Someone, probably many someones, invested a lot of hours coding this, so that it just plays in the browser without Flash. Productivity hit a serious speed bump—for this day at least.

Google Pac-Man Game

Google's Tribute to Pac-Man's 30th Anniversary

That's creative! More companies should be like this with their stuff. Good Goin' Google Guys. This is when you know that it s a fun place to work. It'll play on Google all weekend. After that, I hope that this gets archived somewhere, because it's just too cool for it to evaporate into thin air.

Check it out before it s gone! ...and now, back to the ga search... Search. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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