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The Deep Sea Anemone Table

The Deep Sea Anemone Table
The Deep Sea Anemone Table

It's Great! There are few who could be more critical and discerning. Their observations mean a lot because, in one way or another, they've been there.

Just had the sincere pleasure of reading a colleague's blog post over at Under Nevada Skies, the blog of artist Julie Rodriguez Jones. The post is about our most recent and our very next large blown glass commissions and how she has watched us online over the months making the former—a glass table base that weighs 200+ lbs. composed of 560 separate orbs and spirals of colored blown glass supporting a 6 foot 10 inch diameter 3/4" thick glass top weighing 370 lbs. OOF!

I'll limit this posting to that much, as I'm working on a series of posts about how we did it that will start in a few days. Here's a couple of frames of the 3D engineering design model we built and rendered prior to construction to whet your appetite.

You can see a shot of the finished Deep Sea Anemone Table now on Julie's blog, along with a still frame of the next big project. You'll love it. While you're there, leave a comment on her article. Please come back and let us know what you think.

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