Victory in Glass — How Sweet It Is

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   Posted by: BJ Johnson in fused glass
Galaxy Platter

After six months of getting pummeled by failures in trying to cast glass sinks to fit an existing counter top that was forbidden by the client to be modified—even by a little, my partner in art got a nice reward. Along the path of these varied projects that we do, comes knowledge that you don't know how it will be used. One day, though, it all comes together in glorious fashion.

13 Inch Fused Glass Galaxy Platter A couple of years ago, I suggested that she try sand painting techniques that the Native Americans use in order to put designs in glass colors onto various items that she was creating; either with powders or small frit. Over the months, her technique has developed to a point where the results are stunning. Check it out!

It's 13" in diameter and 1.5" deep. The base layer is iridescent glass that gives it a spectacular quality that you just have to experience first hand to appreciate.

13 Inch Fused Glass Galaxy Platter - Oblique Salsa/Guacamole Bowl

The platter goes along with a little fiery salsa/guacamole bowl that she created a few days earlier. It's really cute. She left the bottom hemispherical, so it rolls around a little when you scoop out of it. Fun.

While the platter was in the kiln for a couple of days, she worked at the torch creating glass butterflies—which became a wonderful pendant necklace. We'll start a line of these in the Jewelry Section of Glass Sculpture . org.

Glass Butterfly Glass Butterfly Pendant Necklace

Each one of those sink casting attempts took 6-10 days. After six months of that, one can get the idea how discouraged an artist can get. At times, Joy was on the brink of quitting being an artist altogether, and you can understand why. To her credit, she didn't take that way out. The impossible task that caused so much stress was washed away by the success of these new creations and a new vigor has taken over. Never give up. Never surrender. I'm proud of her.

Drive on over to her blog post and let her know that she did good. It'll really mean a lot. Thanks!

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