Response to the Wine Stopper Collection is Unbelievable

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I can't tell you how well received they have been. They certainly are beautiful, if I do say so myself. One sold to a friend and client just this afternoon. It's the purple cone shaped one in the top row, center of the January 26th post. We'll wrap him up and package him carefully and send him off to his new home first of the week.

Always a bittersweet time when one of your creations leaves. I know that a lot of people may not understand that but part of an artist is in each work that is produced. It comes directly out of you; from imagination and feelings through expert technique into reality. When I paint, I am copying the image from out of my mind as best I can. Sometimes, it isn't as good as I see it. Sometimes, it's way better than I ever imagined. It's never exactly the same; only I know what it looks like in its "original" form.

I've been up for 45 hours re-connecting the blog network in a different configuration to make it easier to manage. Hopefully, this first post will go where it is supposed to and I can get some rest to begin anew in about 9 hours or so. May not get a great night's sleep, though. The wind is picking up out there. Won't diminish until Monday night. With our being on the top of this mountain, there isn't a lot that deflects or shades us from the air movements, so we get some damage at times. Isn't supposed to gust over 42 MPH, so it may be okay; just noisy. We've had 85+ MPH winds up here and that is something you don't really want to experience. The house sits low and the air flows over it pretty well but the trees that tower over it on all sides are a worry. A big oak falling on the studio won't be good.

Time to go out and secure the big wind chimes.

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