What’s Your Take: One or Many? – Part II

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   Posted by: BJ Johnson in marketing
Yesterday's article was from the collectors' point of view; what you think artists like ourselves should do. We're weird, so a lot of that doesn't apply. Today's article is about what you, as an artist, are doing or are considering. Both of these articles are inspired by Alyson B. Stanfield, whom we met and follow on Twitter, in her ArtBizCoach Blog. The Amazing Race:
Go for it! or Wait and see....
Art isn't what some would call an "essential". It is, but when it comes down to spending on food, or something that lifts one's spirits, food most often wins out. Once you fill your stomach, you can then think about making your head, heart and soul feel better. Art is one of the first things to go when budgets get cut, which lands the artist in a precarious place, as far as what they spend their energies doing to fill their stomachs. <p.Often, artists hear from parents and sometimes friends:
"When are you going to get a real job?"
Not great, especially from those you look to for understanding and encouragement. We know we're not "normal". If artists were normal, we couldn't do what we do. I often prayed:
"God, please don't let me be normal."
This isn't a slam against anyone. It is the realization that I'm not "normal" and it would just about kill me if I was forced to abandon and ignore my talents. is what you want to do, yes? IF you stick it out, you will be rewarded. If you knuckle under, well, you didn't want it all that bad enough. Good things, things worthwhile, don't come easy. <p.So, here's your question for the day. Are you:
  • Branching out into new fields and breaking new ground?
  • Consolidating and concentrating on your strong sellers and markets?
  • Increasing your visibility to established collectors?
  • Spending more or less on promotion?
  • In which areas: mailings, advertising, etc. ?
  • Increasing your social networking?
  • Thinking about finding a "real job" (less and less of those every day)?
  • Working longer hours and pulling all-nighters to stay ahead of it?
  • Finally getting to those ideas that have been on the back burner?
  • Running around in circles screaming?
  • In bed with the covers pulled over your head?
  • Tryin' to think but nothin' happens? (Curly - 3 Stooges)
Tell your fellow artists out there how you are attacking and handling the current climate. Please post a comment, below, and discuss your approach. We want to hear your thoughts.

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