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Casting glass seems a daunting process when you first consider learning it. It takes special equipment and a budget. It also takes patience and perseverance to succeed. A bit of courage doesn't hurt either but wonderful things are possible.

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Space travel the way it was meant to be—rivets, valves, gears, pipes, portholes, swoopy fins and all! ..but in blown glass.

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Another All-Nighter

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After completing a really successful glassblowing session yesterday (and, of course, dinner), I set to work customizing and linking the blog with Facebook, LinkedIn, FeedBurner and our websites; with RSS feeds, networks, etc. Convoluted and unintuitive don't quite describe it adequately enough. Found workarounds for things that didn't do what they were supposed to and finally crashed a little while after the Sun came up over the mountain tops.... again.

The blowing day was good. Some of the wine stoppers we made on Tuesday didn't survive the overnight annealing process. Looks like they may have been placed into the annealer too cold ("cold" being a relative term)

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