45 Backers Helped Themselves to Some Great Art

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And helped us reach our goal, then go on to surpass it by 17% before the deadline brought pledges to a close. This exhibit would not have been possible without their generous support and we can't thank them enough. Our spirits were greatly lifted as the pledges began coming in, so it wasn't only funding that was needed. As a result, our first Kickstarter Project is now in the

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Help a Starving Artist and Help Yourself

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Our first Kickstarter Project has just launched. What's Kickstarter? It's a new and innovative way for individuals across the globe who are interested in what an artist does, or wants to do, to fund creative projects by pledging various levels of support according to what they each can afford. Doesn't have to be a lot. Each pledge level has rewards that the project's backers will receive

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