45 Backers Helped Themselves to Some Great Art

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And helped us reach our goal, then go on to surpass it by 17% before the deadline brought pledges to a close. This exhibit would not have been possible without their generous support and we can't thank them enough. Our spirits were greatly lifted as the pledges began coming in, so it wasn't only funding that was needed. As a result, our first Kickstarter Project is now in the history books, as it were, and it was a great success—thanks in no small part to our wonderful backers who made this all possible. You can read all that goes into this exhibit and the schedule that we maintain throughout the conference in the Help A Starving Artist and Help Yourself companion article.

Our Booth in the Exhibit Hall3D Booth Design Model

We thought you would like to take a look at our booth and, alongside, the digital 3D design model that we created in planning our exhibit. Just a small look into the attention to detail and care that we take in everything we do. It makes all the difference—and you are worth it.

Lifetime Space Achievement AwardSteampunk Rocket

From left to right in the real booth you can see the 1/3 scale model of the Ascending Stars Lifetime Space Achievement Award Master Sculpture on a turntable atop the cabinet, our display case holding bottle stoppers, small dishes, a Red Velvet glass cupcake and atop the cabinet one of the Steampunk Rockets. On the counter next to the cabinet are some small awards, our cards and a tower to accept business cards from visitors to the booth. When they drop a card in, they receive a glass pendant necklace as a gift.

Cabinet & Display CaseCenter Display Table
  Dr. Charles Elachi Lifetime Space Achievement Individual AwardAlong the back wall at left center, on its own turntable, is the Ascending Stars Lifetime Space Achievement Individual Award sculpture that was presented on Wednesday to Dr. Charles Elachi, Director of JPL, the HD monitor running our Impact Movie, 13 Inch Fused Glass Galaxy Platter a Rising Earth sculpture, a 13" Fused Glass Galaxy Platter, an 11" Fused Glass Rose Nebula Platter, a 10" Blown Glass Jupiter, the Ascending Stars Lifetime Space Achievement Individual Award prototype, our illustration portfolio book and, on its own pedestal,Planetary Society Cosmos Award the Planetary Society Cosmos Award spare; its twin Blown Glass Saturn sculpture now residing in Stephen Hawking's office at Cambridge. A New Ocean Signed PrintOn the table against the right wall are what's left of 200 A New Ocean prints that I signed and gave away as our tribute to the Space Shuttle program; soon to come to a close.

Here, we wish to recognize and thank our wonderful backers who believed in us and put their money where their minds are, in order to say in a demonstrative and helpful way that they support the arts and our efforts to continue creating beautiful things. Each individual supported us with pledge amounts from $1.00 to $1,000.00!

We extendA Heartfelt Thank You to each and every one!
Suzi McBride
Daniel McGauley
Anne McMullen
Robin Mlynar
Gene Monroe
William Mullin
Steven Muzylowski
Michelle Neubauer
Roselee Orndorff
Pamela Osborne
Laura Pope
Jon Ramer
Pat Rawlings
Rick Saada
Anne Sarver
Aldo Spadoni
Harold Taylor
Karen Thompson
Thom Walls
Eric Damon Walters
Sandra Webb
Betty Widerski
= $4,126 in support.
Julia Benson-Slaughter
Rick Bligh
Janet Borkowski
Laura Burns
Darcie Callahan
Amanda K. Dawson
Sean A. Day
Karen Dick
Nancy Edwards
David Elliott
Sally C. Fink
James Fuerstenberg
Don Glover
Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
Patrick Hillmeyer
Paul S. Hoffman
Paige Johnson
Leslie Johnston
Julie Rodriquez Jones
Joann Keesey
Lisa Lehmann
Dusty Lewars
Kevin McBride

We are in production now, creating the Rewards for each of them; according to the pledge level that they chose. It is happy work, indeed.

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2 Responses to 45 Backers Helped Themselves to Some Great Art

  • Martin Chaney

    What a great looking exibit! (as with all things you do B.J.)

    May 6, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    That's a very attractive and interesting exhibit. After seeing your work it makes me realize just how lacking my artistic abilities are. Great pictures. Thank you.
    Best regards.

    July 17, 2011 at 5:43 pm
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