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I can't tell you how well received they have been. They certainly are beautiful, if I do say so myself. One sold to a friend and client just this afternoon. It's the purple cone shaped one in the top row, center of the January 26th post. We'll wrap him up and package him carefully and send him off to his new home first of the week.

Always a bittersweet time when one of your creations leaves. I know that a lot of people may not understand that but part of an

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While the cold-working is progressing on the new wine stoppers and small paperweights, I thought I'd share a bit about the Great Paperweight Project. A friend of ours, Jon Ramer, has been encouraging us to get into the Art Glass Marble market for some time. A few months ago, he invested in our effort, funding the first 40 or so marbles to get things going. He has pick of ten of his choosing, but has yet to tag any.

As you may have learned by this time, I do things big. Wasn't intentional this time, as we were

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Head In The Sand

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One day you're up; next day you're down. When things get rough, sticking one's head "in the sand" by paying attention to one's work can help keep you from freezing to the proverbial flagpole.

Worked on the chandelier design after doing studio photography of a Lifetime Achievement Award sculpture to be sent off to its new home today. Always a bittersweet moment when one of our children leave for the outside world. Just like offspring of the human variety, sometimes we get to see them again but not often enough. We created them, poured ourselves into their

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Weather held for longer than expected, so made the most of it. 4-6 hours each day hauling around 2,200° balls of molten glass, 5-8 pounds flopping around on the end of a 5 foot long, 1/2 inch diameter molybdenum and stainless steel rod takes a lot out of you. By the time I was done... I was done. Not much energy left to sit down and post an entry.

Usually, Joy and I alternate the Gaffer and Assistant positions and that gives one time to rest, drink to maintain fluids and grab a snack between operations that

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Another All-Nighter

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After completing a really successful glassblowing session yesterday (and, of course, dinner), I set to work customizing and linking the blog with Facebook, LinkedIn, FeedBurner and our websites; with RSS feeds, networks, etc. Convoluted and unintuitive don't quite describe it adequately enough. Found workarounds for things that didn't do what they were supposed to and finally crashed a little while after the Sun came up over the mountain tops.... again.

The blowing day was good. Some of the wine stoppers we made on Tuesday didn't survive the overnight annealing process. Looks like they may have been placed into the annealer too cold ("cold" being a relative term)

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